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Last updated on July 31st, 2021

Are you looking for the best water purifier for your home?

If yes, then you are at right place.

Today everything from food to air and water is affected by pollution. We depend on water purifiers to obtain safe, pure and healthy drinking water for consumption.

Today, water purifier is an essential equipment which is required in every household. Now we can use water purifier at our house and drink safe water.

RO water purifiers come in conjunction with technologies such as UV, UF, and MF to remove almost all impurities commonly found in water.

The best thing is that you can easily buy RO Water Purifier online or from your nearest home and kitchen appliances store.

But it is not easy to buy the right water purifier. There are hundreds of models of water purifiers in the market, choosing the best water purifier for your home is a challenging task.

To overcome this problem, we have created a comprehensive list of the top five best water purifiers in India for you to use, which will help you choose a good water purifier according to your needs.

Best Water Purifiers in India

1. Kent Grand 8-Litre Mineral RO and UV/UF Water Purifier

  1. Kent Grand Plus is one of the best selling RO Water Purifiers in India.

  2. It is best for all types of water sources such as municipalities, borewells, and tankers.

  3. Kent Grand uses the Multistage purification technology of RO + UV / UF to remove microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and salts to make water use safer.

  4. Patented Mineral RO Technology retains essential natural minerals in pure water with the help of the TDS controller to provide you clean and pure drinking water.

  5. The KENT Grand has an 8 liter high capacity storage tank.

  6. The high purification capability of 20L / hr ensures that you get a continuous supply of pure water.

  7. The KENT Grand comes with an advanced ‘Save Water Technology’ feature, which helps reduce water wastage.

  8. It comes with a water level indicator to see the level of pure water available in the storage tank.

  9. It has an inbuilt SMPS to handle the voltage range (100 – 300 volts).

  10. Apart from this, it also has Filter Change Alerts and UV Fail Alarm features that update you when the filter needs replacement or there is some fault in the UV.

  11. It comes with 1 year warranty + 3 years’ free service.

2. Havells Max 7-liters RO UV Water Purifier

  1. Havells is an iconic brand of water purifiers in India. This device uses both RO and UV Purification technology to ensure 100% pure water supply.

  2. Minerals technology ensures PH balance and provides safe and clean water.

  3. Revitalizer cartridge improves hydration and mineral absorption to make water healthier.

  4. The iProtect Purification Monitoring System continuously monitors the purification process and always ensures safe water.

  5. It has a flow rate of up to 15 liters per hour, which provides a sufficient amount of water for your family.

  6. It works for all types of water sources.

  7. This Water Purifier has a 7-liter storage tank, which you can easily remove from time to time to clean it.

  8. It has an Advanced Automatic Alerts system for Self Diagnostic, Purification Process, Tank Full, Low Water Pressure, and Error Alert for UV, SV, and Pump Failure.

3. Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

  1. Aquasure Delight features multi-stage purification that provides not only 100% clean, but absolutely safe and tasty drinking water.

  2. It is a combination of best-in-class purification technologies such as RO + UV + MTDS.

  3. Advanced TDS Regulator (MTDS) allows you to adjust the taste of the water according to the water source.

  4. In addition, with the ability to treat water with MTDS levels up to 2000 ppm, you get water that is not only tasty but also safe to drink.

  5. Filter cartridges are designed to last up to 6,000 liters.

  6. If a family of four uses about 15-20 liters of water per day, the cartridge will last about a year.

  7. There are 3 LED indicators in the purifier for power on, purification process on / off and the tank full.

  8. Water Purifier beeps to alert you if there is any defect in the UV lamp.

  9. This Water Purifier is quite compact and can be easily mounted on the wall or placed on the table/kitchen counter.

  10. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

4. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV Water Purifier

  1. It has a 6-stage purification process: pre-filter, pre-carbon filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, post-carbon filter and UV lamp.

  2. Double layered RO + UV protection ensures that the water is absolutely safe and pure.

  3. RO removes dissolved impurities, microbes, heavy metals, and radioactive materials, while UV neutralizes microbes such as bacteria, cysts and viruses.

  4. Aqua Taste Booster feature that maintains pH level, alkalinity and improves water taste.

  5. It has a high purification capacity of up to 12 liters per hour and has a 7-liter storage tank.

  6. It has a Purification-on and tank full indicators with a low-pressure alert in the front panel.

  7. Child lock button has been provided on the tap to protect it from unnecessary wastage of pure water.

  8. This product has a 1-year warranty.

5. KENT Superb Star RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller Water Purifier

  1. If you are looking for a good water purifier and there is no budget constraint for you, Kent Superb Star is definitely one of the best water purifications in India.

  2. It has an advanced multistage purification process of RO + UV + UF + TDS control + UV in-tank completion.

  3. It’s Patented Mineral RO technology maintains essential natural minerals in pure water with the help of a TDS controller, to provide safe and clean water.

  4. It comes with an advanced in-tank UV disinfection technology.

  5. The UV-LED light in the storage tank ensures that pure water remains germ-free in the storage tank.

  6. This Water Purifier is ideal for water from many sources such as municipal taps, water tankers, and borewells.

  7. KENT Superb Star comes with a high storage capacity of 9 liters.

  8. It provides pure water with a high complete purification capacity of over 20L/ hr.

  9. Its digital display feature displays the required parameters of mineral content, RO flow rate, filter life, and failure parameters such as Water Purifier for the convenience of users.

  10. It comes with 1-year warranty + 3 years of free service.